Who did it? – a pooping pets blame game.

There’s a steaming poop on the floor but who did it? Protect your pets by laying their cards down and passing the blame onto others.

Who did it? is pure kids. It’s a great starter card game that can be played with kids 5+ because it has cute pictures and easy to follow game play but it will also reward slightly older kids who pay attention and can start to figure out what cards remain.

How to play:

The aim of the game is to be the fastest at throwing your ‘pet’ cards down and accuse another animal so your pet doesn’t get the blame for the poop. Everyone is dealt a set of 6 pet cards (one of each animal) in a colour of their choice. All remaining unused colours are discarded.

The starting player lays one of their pet cards in the centre of the table claiming it wasn’t their particular pet that pooped and accusing another type of animal. All the other player then race to be the first to throw down the newly named pet and in turn accuse another pet.

Exonerate your pets by throwing down all your cards before everyone else. But be sure to watch the game, because if you fail to pass the blame and call out a pet that no one holds anymore, then you get a poop token.

If you’re left holding your cards when everyone else has thrown all their cards down you also get a token. When someone reaches 3 tokens the game ends and the person with the least number of tokens is the winner. We tend to just play first to 3 tokens is the ultimate “pooper” (loser) as opposed to finding a winner.

What we like about the game:

Who did it? is simple to follow and has a theme that will appeal to older preschoolers and younger primary ages. I like that it is encouraging kids to try to remember what has already been played – certainly a useful skill to develop. But the rounds are fast and frantic as cards get put down and accusations fly so it’s easy to forget what’s already been played.

And that’s the main appeal: Who did it? is a fun, funny, quick game, that would make a perfect stocking filler or new game to add to the bag for holidays. It doesn’t really have the depth to keep it on the shelves for long, and it’s certainly not going to hold the attention of older kids or adults in a mixed age session for more than a few rounds. But trying to count the cards and keep track of what’s been played keeps it interesting. Because it requires quick reactions to get your cards down early on, the very youngest kids will struggle to keep up with older ones so it’s not ideal for mixed age play until the kids are closer in speed. But if you’re looking for a quick game to play just with younger kids or you’ve got kids that regularly play games on their own with siblings or friends of a similar age and ability, then you can’t really go wrong here.

Who did it? accommodates 3-6 players and comes in its own handy travel case. It’s officially ages 6+ but is easily picked up by younger kids particularly if you have a card holder.


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